People, Politics and Puppies

Well, I had a weak moment. Realized I had a few minutes to spare in my life. What to do. More time with the family? Nope. Instead I decided to run for regional politics. The horses and chickens get the quality family time anyway. Obviously those who encouraged me to write this blog as a way of finding meaning in life are full of hooey.

So, I am running for the Director Seat, Area J, Copper Desert Country, Thompson Nicola Regional District, B.C.

Sure sounds important. Yup, gonna spend time kissing puppies and patting babies on the head.

But it’s important to me. We are a family that believes in contributing.

I spent last week marshaling the formidable Ron McGivern political machine; a whack of posters and a staple gun. Went to a forum on the new open pit mine being proposed in the area-basically in the back yard of my neighbours in the district. Not happy with the process. I am advocating for a stronger federal assessment process. Have spent a lot of time answering emails on my position for various issues. This is necessary. At the very least it facilitates the dialogue on these issues.

I do not claim I can do a better job than the incumbent. Such arrogance makes me uncomfortable. I do believe I offer a set of skills and attitude, combined with a fresh look at the issues that would serve the region well.

In the middle of all this we are getting a section of the property ready for the two 4H steers coming soon. More animals for Marie to cry over when they head off for slaughter. She cried over the meat birds. I noticed she likes to eat them though.

Have the chicken coop for the laying hens completed and Foghorn is feeling quite at home at 5:40 in the morning. Built the henhouse frame out of recycled pallets I picked up for free.  Foghorn certainly lets the cat and dogs know who is in charge of the chickens. A male in charge of his domain. Good stuff.

Juggling this venture into politics with the projects that have to be accomplished in order to maintain our rural lifestyle has created a frenzied household. It makes all of us pull together more to get the job done.

Everything becomes worthwhile when you are supported. Even cutting loose two 600+ pound calves on the property. I wonder how the horses will take to their new neighbours? I note the puppy is wary of the rooster. No support there.