How did I get into this?

I packed up the family about a year and a half ago and moved to the thriving metropolis of Cherry Creek; six acres of the unfulfilled dreams of previous owners. Now it wasn’t an overnight transition. It was the culmination of Marie (my wife) and my past histories converging together. I grew up in north central B.C. Canada. In the sticks-no running water, outdoor toilet, a makeshift generator that worked occasionally, and a wood stove for a good part of my childhood. We did move to the city after a time.

This background of not rural but wilderness life did have a profound impact. I certainly carry a work ethic combined with a bootstrap ‘get it done’ attitude. It also provided an attitude to nature, the rural, and the wilderness quite different from my urban friends and colleagues. Camping is a good example. They call it connecting with nature. I call it pretending to be homeless. This upbringing has provided me with a profound appreciation of little things; like flush toilets.

Marie grew up in a semi rural environment with horses as an integral part of her life and identity. She maintained that through adulthood. She was the ranch wife, the 4H mom. Marie has that no nonsense rural attitude to childrearing that puts her at odds with the urban moms who desperately seek confirmation of their own identity through their children.

We met in the city 8 years ago. We both represented the mating life of those in their 30’s and 40’s today. Like cable TV subscriptions, one gets the packaged deal today-kids, exasperating ex’s, debts and unfulfilled dreams.

We became that blended family; 7 kids total, dogs, cat and her horses in a boarding facility.

Well, kids were leaving to go to university and the horse boarding was killing us. The younger ones were at the age where dance, music, soccer, football, gymnastics was winding down. It was time.

Today we both work full time in the city and our house and acreage is a revolving door of kids and grandkids.

It’s for the kids.



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